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It's all about getting back outdoors, enjoying nature while helping others.

About Us

If in 1978 it was important to get kids back outside and into nature, how much more is it today.

See how it all began some 42+ years ago. A concept and an idea by biology teacher Gene Morgan spawned a club that continues to grow and excel. It's all in our mission. 


We are busy "working" on our outdoor projects all fall, then we turn our eye more toward "playing" outdoors during our spring, always with an eye toward enjoying our great oudoors.

Check out our busy schedule though the link below.


Whether it's time, energy, money, goods, or services, as a self-sustaining school organization we appreciate every donation and ounce of help we receive.

If you would like to assist us in some way, don't hesitate to ask and your rewards will far outway what you give!

Our Pledge

Developed over the years, our pledge has come to symbolize not only a commitment to the club for the year, but a commitment to change our lives, the way we look at and act in our ONLY outdoors. We all are the stewards of our outdoors, and we need to act that way!

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