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Our Mission

The Outdoorsmen Club's long term mission is to educate our members in the importance of and the value in protecting, providing, and improving the habitat we share with the wildlife of our world. We also develop a sense of conservationism towards our environment; a desire for and management of our outdoor recreation; and a willingness to serve others through providing enhanced outdoor opportunities for the physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged.

Our History

The club was created in the fall of 1977 by high school biology teacher, Gene Morgan. It was born out of a desire to get young adults out of the house and back into the outdoors experiencing nature. Gene saw the writing on the wall so to spreak in that young people, even rural area young people, were spending less time outdoors hunting, fishing, and exploring nature. In such, the desire to maintain and care for our ecosystem was diminishing.


In the early years, Gene used a variety of club activities to change the way members looked at their environment and roles in protecting our one and only outdoors. It was also an extension of his biology classroom, which always encompassed many of the same attributes.


As can be seen through the variety of events and activities still pursued by the Club, and the longevity of many of them, they each are a rewarding experience for those that choose to participate.


Thank you Gene for the vision and the idea that we now carry forward.

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