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Key West Reef Exploration

Objective: To build an awareness in members of the overall impact of humanity on the balance of Earth's diverse ecosystems through the observation and study of the coral reefs. 


Eligibility Requirements: Must have completed ALL Outdoorsmen required work activities for a mimimum of three (3) consecutive years. (This includes all aluminum recycling and tropical fish identification tests.)


The Trip: Day one is reserved for traveling to Key West and getting settled in, for day two starts early. Day two finds us snorkeling on the coral reef, examining the abundant and diverse wildlife. We also discuss the effects of tides, pollution, salinity ratios, and human interactions on the reefs and each one's positive and/or negative effect on the reef's growth and/or destruction.


Day three is reserved for other cultural activities on the island. We get our literature lessons through a visit to Earnest Hemmingway's home, the location where he wrote the majority of his published work. Our governmental historic lesson is garnered through a stop at Truman's Little White House, the local naval base commadant residence where Truman spent several working vacations during his presidency. We often gather a little more historical knowledge through a visit to Mel Fischer's Museum where we view an abundance of artifacts uncovered by Fisher and his crews from the Atocha, a long ago sunken treasure ship.


The remainder of our trip is spent revisiting the reefs, deserted islands, and other aquatic sites, all in attempts to better understand what the unique coral ecosystem offers mankind.

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